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Companies have always been searching for new potentials, candidates have always been looking out for attractive future opportunities. But market conditions change. In crisis years employers usually have the chance to decide. In booming years highly qualified candidates in several industries tend to choose their next step more unassertive, they just do not have the necessity in most cases.

We follow the approach to be perfectly prepared for all eventualities - through professional and forward-looking networking. We believe it is all people business. We build up personal, trustful, respectful and long-term relationships on both sides of the table. A mutual success can be reached today, tomorrow or in a couple of weeks. In the end there will always be a win-win situation.

Over the years we switched connections in all directions. No matter if you are interested in new personalities for your company or in personal career opportunities – do not hesitate to simply call us. Either we already know the perfect match, or we know who to ask for a recommendation or we know where to find it.

We cooperate with small and medium sized private owned companies as well as incorporated global players in all those industries that are perceptibly influenced by the changes of digitalisation. We network with personalities at management- or senior expert level but also with junior high potentials.

Our services include direct and executive searches, new- and outplacement mandates, general management consulting in all HR-related matters as well as special assignments such as succession planning in family businesses, RPO-mandates or the filling of supervisory / advisory board roles.

Just benefit from our network.

direct and executive searches

In today's time of tight markets in nearly all branches most companies have upgraded their own recruiting resources. Nevertheless especially small and medium sized players need months or even years to fill their vacancies with truly suitable personalities. Or they make huge compromises referring to their once defined quality expectations. Both ways can and often do result in immense (opportunity) costs. When talking about management roles (executive search) it is quite common to mandate a headhunter – but not yet when experts or even junior potentials are searched for. Mainly the reasons are: companies want to avoid the consulting fees for specialist positions, or they do not even know that such services are available.

As we believe both - experts and managers - are vital for a company’s success. Sole classical ad placements do not work any longer in most cases. The best candidates – no matter at which level - need to be enthused, reeled in and finally convinced by us and the future employers hand in hand.

We offer searches including a direct approach of candidates in the market (direct search) and intense employer branding for management, senior expert as well as junior roles. This procedure is supported by usage of our existing network to potential candidates and active recommenders. In addition we place digital ads, either naming our clients or having them anonymised.

Years of experience, excellent understanding of our target markets and diversified ways of proceeding in searches are our key success factors. Just let us do the work and benefit together with us and our network candidates. This is what we call a triple-win.


You are a highly qualified candidate looking for the next career step, a perfectly matching position on a comparable level or even a downsizing offering you more time with your family and a better work-life-balance? Just contact us. We can openly discuss future opportunities within our network, also regarding aspects such as suitable business cultures, chances for personal development, achievable salaries, typical working hours, expected regional flexibility. Be part of our network and benefit. We look forward to our first exchange.


You as a company and one of your – maybe long-term – employees have decided to go your own separate ways in the future? We know about the emotional as well as legal challenges of these kinds of constellations. Sometimes it is the more expedient and productive way to ask a neutral third party for professional support. We offer a large scale of services beginning with the checking and optimisation of CVs, social media presentations and application methods in general up to active sourcing of possible new opportunities and the direct approach of potential employers within and without our network. Just contact us and describe your situation. We will then frankly discuss imaginable solutions and possible ways to proceed.

special assignments

You as a company are going through times of structural changes such as massive expansion or even consolidation and cost-cutting? Your are a family business in a phase of succession planning? You are arranging the establishment or (re-)staffing of a supervisory / advisory board within your organisation? In all these cases we offer tailor-made services and solutions such as general management consulting, active usage of our personal network, digital HR-concepts, RPO-mandates (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) or high volume searches. Just contact us and describe your situation. We will then frankly discuss imaginable solutions and possible ways to proceed.

learning and personal development

At our business unit cultur|A we focus on education, further and advanced training of adult people in the form of seminars, individual or group coaching as well as the implementation of specialist and preparatory courses for external exams with a special emphasis on the pedagogical area.


Please visit us at: www.cultur-a.de

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